I was able to have my first Great Salt Lake experience with this beautiful family.  I am not going to lie...I am scared of spiders.  And there were a lot of spiders.  The pier is very very cool, until you look down.  I had to concentrate hard on my camera and put the fear of a nasty spider crawling up my leg out of my mind.  Who knew so many bugs could live in one spot.  HOWEVER, that being said, it's worth it.  I love their pictures and love that it only took us a few minutes to get to the "beach".  So, thanks for picking such an eventful, scary, very pretty spot Greens:)

The sunset was beautiful!  I loved how it set right there in front of us...nothing blocking our view!  


So this sweet little girl was a dream!  She just did what we wanted.  I love her dark hair...I am not going to lie, she made me baby hungry.  Just a perfect little bean!  I have a handful of newborn shoots coming up and this couldn't have made me more excited for them to get here!  We had a great time...

Kay Kay

This 3 year old is full of personality.  I adore her.  She can give us all a run for our money but on this day    I thought she was a dream.  I just can't wait to see her grow up!  Happy Birthday Kaylee!!