Pregnant Beautiful

This is my very most favorite sister Sara.  She is beautiful and I had so much fun taking pictures of her and her cute belly.  I just can hardly wait to meet her little bundle.  It won't be long stay tuned:)


This is such a great family!  Thanks you 5!

Another Beautiful Newborn

Meet sweet baby Jake.  He was so much fun and fits right in with him handsome brothers!  

Little Miss Gracie

This little peanut was so much fun!  She is tiny and slept like a little star.  

A very proud and darling big brother

Thanks to this cute family!  It was so fun to get a chance to hang out:)  Gracie is beautiful!


This is such a beautiful family!  I felt like they were all models.  The boys are so handsome and nice.  I loved the location that they choose.  It fit's their family so well and depicts them perfectly.  This first picture was posed by their oldest boy.  I love it!  Thanks Jones family!!