Little Lucy

Here she is!  I have to say that when I had my last baby I was so frustrated because I wanted to take a billion pictures of here all dolled up.  But when we finally came home and I was recovering, taking pictures was the most stressful, hard thing.  I am sure it didn't have to be, but it was.  I ended up paying a friend to take some of the two of us because I was so stressed about it.  I tell you all this because this was the next best thing to my own.  My beautiful niece and sister....partly my own.  Only this time, I felt great and could have taken pictures all day long!  Thanks Sara for letting me feel like she was sort of mine for a few minutes.  I will claim her any day!  Meet sweet little Lucy...

The hat she is wearing in this next picture, her Dad made.  I love it!  

Finally, Happy Halloween!!!

Sara's Birth Story

I was lucky enough to be there when my little sister gave birth to her first baby.  Little Lucy.  The experience was nothing short of amazing.  It really was.  My sister was a trooper and worked so hard to get her here.  It was worth every minute because she is a dream baby.  Here are some pictures from that night.  Thanks to Sara and Erik for inviting me to be there and for letting me post some pictures.  I will always cherish that experience!  

Look at all that hair!!

I love her little legs in this picture.  It's like she can't stretch them far enough.  So cute!

I love you 3!  Thank you again.
Newborn pictures up next!!


The Mom of this cute family is one of my best friends older sisters.  She is amazing and I remember when she was getting engaged and married thinking how cool it was.  Now here we are years later and she has 4 beautiful kids.  They are such a neat family, I could tell how much the kids love each other.  It was fun to watch.  I really hope that someday, when my kids are a little older, that they will like being with each other as much as they all seemed to.  It was great to see you all again (and meet some of you)!  The location belongs to them and was absolutely beautiful!!!

Pregnant Beautiful

This is my very most favorite sister Sara.  She is beautiful and I had so much fun taking pictures of her and her cute belly.  I just can hardly wait to meet her little bundle.  It won't be long stay tuned:)


This is such a great family!  Thanks you 5!