Elder Lorimer

This handsome missionary is headed to South Africa in a couple weeks.  He was my next door neighbor growing up and my kids #1 favorite swim teacher.  He taught them all they know and they love to see him when we are at Grandmas.  His family is wonderful!  It was fun to do some missionary shots for him.  He is going to do such a great job!  Good luck Dylan!!


 She is mine.  


This is my handsome nephew, Weston.  I don't get to see him much so I loved getting to take pictures of him.  He is just old enough to get a little embarrassed and just young enough to have an innocent, sweet smile.  We braved the very cold and went outside around my yard for a few minutes.  It was freezing but they were champs.  This is Ryan's brother's family.

 I hope this picture doesn't embarrass Kevin - but I love it!

Cute Kate

Remember this cute little bean?  She is just about exactly the same age as my Kate.  I love to compare the two.  I am pretty sure, when all is said and done, that mine will be a runt and she will be slightly taller.  She is beautiful with the brightest eyes!  It was so fun to see her Mom and siblings.  They were great and even got in a few minutes of play time with my kids while we played with this one!